No disciplinary action in deaths of 7 CIA workers

Despite an internal review identifying counterintelligence, the agency won't fire anyone in a 2009 suicide bombing

Published October 19, 2010 10:50PM (EDT)

Despite an internal review that identified glaring counterintelligence and war zone security blunders, CIA Director Leon Panetta says he will not fire or discipline any officials in a devastating 2009 suicide bombing.

Seven CIA employees were killed in the blast set off by a Jordanian double agent inside an Afghan base.

Panetta says separate internal reviews by agency officials and outside experts concluded the bombing may have been preventable. But a patchwork system of responsible officials left no one in charge of vetting the suicide bomber, failing to rigorously check his background and loyalties before he was brought to the base.

In an interview Tuesday, Panetta says the agency would tighten security procedures, improve training for war assignments and create an analytic team to better spot double agents.

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