M. Night Shyamalan announces sci-fi project with Will Smith

"One Thousand A.E." will be written by Gary Whitta, star Jaden Smith

By Christopher Hickey
October 21, 2010 11:30PM (UTC)
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Aww, you didn't really think "The Last Airbender" would be the "last Shyamalan movie," did you? Despite "Airbender" being a boring, incoherent fantasy schlockfest, Night lives to fight another day in Hollywood. Sources are saying he will collaborate with Will Smith on a sci-fi film called "One Thousand A.E."

Although the title bears a faint resemblance to Don Bluth's sci-fi swan song, "Titan A.E.," little is known about this project. Two details seem to stick out, however. One is that Shyamalan will not be writing the screenplay. Gary Whitta of "The Book of Eli" fame will handle the writing instead. Gasp! Does that mean no more surprise endings? Two, despite Shyamalan developing the film at Will Smith's Overlook production company, this movie does not star Will Smith. Rather, the film will be a vehicle for his son, Jaden.


While daughter Willow is busy whipping her hair back and forth, Jaden slowly built up some movie star street cred in films like this summer's "The Karate Kid" remake and a turn in poppa Smith's "The Pursuit of Happyness." He's also 12 years old, but age ain't nothing but a number for the Smith clan.

MTV thinks a dose of vitamin Smith could be just the thing to cement Jaden's A-list status and revitalize Shyamalan's career. Will the Smiths succeed? Hard to say now, but it's bound to be better than "The Happening":

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