Roundup: Poor moms, greater "motherhood penalty"

Also: Spanish prostitutes who work roadside are forced to wear reflective vests

Published October 26, 2010 1:01AM (EDT)

  • A study finds that 9 percent of sexually active teenagers in New York City reported having had at least one same-sex partner.
  • Amanda Hess compiles an instructional list on how to survive "the increasingly sexist and racist array of women's Halloween options."
  • A gift for those who think the Kama Sutra hasn't been commercialized enough: The Snuggie Sutra.
  • Bitch Magazine asks: "What would five openly queer Congresspeople mean for the community?"
  • If you missed Lisa Belkin's piece in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, I suggest some catch-up: She calls for a redefinition "of the relationship between work and home, of the roles of men and women."
  • Scientists explore "why no doesn't mean no to some men."
  • Prostitutes who work along the highway in Catalonia are forced to wear reflective vests for their own safety.
  • Moms who make less money actually suffer a greater "motherhood penalty."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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