Myspace reveals its new and improved website

The company plans to emphasize "social entertainment" over competition with Facebook -- and loses the capital S

Published October 27, 2010 7:28PM (EDT)

Wha? It's still around? Don't worry, you didn't step into a wormhole launching you back to 2005. MySpace wants to reintroduce itself into your netsurfing world. Like a celebrity checking out from Promises, MySpace attempts a fresh start today with a new 'do and a new outlook on life. But will anyone give him, er, it a chance?

Over the past couple of years, MySpace slowly slumped from king of the social networking hive into a breeding ground for sex offenders and also-ran musicians. The new MySpace would rather focus on the latter. "We want to become the leading social entertainment destination," says CEO Mike Jones in an interview with Forbes. That means fewer games of catch-up with Facebook, and more sharing of songs and videos... on Facebook. A nice, focused idea, but it essentially makes MySpace a middleman for its archrival, in a weird way.

Oh, and apparently you can no longer call it "MySpace." The website now wants to be known as Myspace -- or, as it says on the home page, "My___" It's a space! Get it? Get it? 

CNN notes the new look is earning a lot of praise in the tech community. But it's not without some skeptics. PC World lists 10 reasons why neo-Myspace will fail. It will be available to every user by the end of November, but in the meantime, the company prepared a video that shows off the new features of "My___":

Welcome to the new Myspace

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