GOPer who attacked "the Muslims" wins House seat

The candidate behind a memorable Muslim-baiting attack ad takes North Carolina seat

By Justin Elliott
Published November 3, 2010 9:47AM (UTC)
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Renee Ellmers

Remember Renee Ellmers

 She won a seat in Congress Tuesday:

In a race that reflected the national mood, tea party Republican Renee Ellmers appeared to have toppled seven-term incumbent Bob Etheridge in the 2nd Congressional District. ...

Unofficial numbers showed Ellmers, a 46-year-old registered nurse, with 91,920 votes, or 49.6 percent. Etheridge received 48.5 percent with 89,821 votes, according to the State Board of Elections. If those numbers are confirmed, the margin of victory would be too large for Etheridge to be granted a recount.

Ellmers will join Sue Myrick, the congresswoman who last year launched an investigation into putative Muslim spies working as interns on Capitol Hill, in the North Carolina delegation.

Justin Elliott

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