Michigan official finally fired for harassing gay student

Andrew Shirvell is dismissed from the attorney general's office for his weird crusade against Chris Armstrong

Published November 8, 2010 10:30PM (EST)

Michigan assistant attorney general and This Week in Crazy winner Andrew Shirvell has finally been fired for relentlessly stalking and harassing a college student.

Shirvell was obsessed with Chris Armstrong, the openly gay student-body president of the University of Michigan. Shirvell had a blog dedicated to accusing Armstrong of advancing the "radical homosexual agenda" and posting various creepy things about Armstrong and his friends. Anderson Cooper conducted the bizarre interview with Shirvell that made him a national figure:

Shirvell was suspended last week, pending a disciplinary hearing, and the Detroit Free-Press reports that the "hearing" consisted solely of telling Shirvell that he's fired.

Shirvell's lawyer calls the decision "political."

By Alex Pareene

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