Washington Post hires conservative blogger

Finally, the Beltway's paper has someone to make the case for war with Iran

By Alex Pareene
Published November 23, 2010 7:05PM (EST)

The Washington Post has finally achieved online balance, by hiring a conservative blogger to make up for those two liberal bloggers they have, who make up for the majority of their Op-Ed page. Fred Hiatt is thrilled to announce that Commentary's Jennifer Rubin will be launching a blog next month with a "conservative perspective" on "conservative policy-making and Republican campaigns, pundits and politicians."

(Republicans won the last major election, so the Post must hire more conservatives to reflect their new stature. Once Republicans lose a major election, the Post will of course hire some former Republican speechwriters and aides, so that they don't have to stoop to finding respectable work. But on the other hand, Ezra Klein.)

In the coming debate at the Post between the neocons -- who urge immediate military action against Iran -- and the moderates -- who have reluctantly come to the tragic conclusion that military action against Iran is the only viable option -- Rubin will join the neocons.

Former Post reporter/blogger Dave Weigel -- who knows the conservative beat as well as any journalist in the nation, but was fired from the Post for saying a mean thing about Matt Drudge -- applauds the hiring.

Alex Pareene

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