Salon's Celebrity Gift Guide: Jon Stewart

From iPad covers to a miraculous digital TV box -- what to get the wonky father with a love for media

By Joe Coscarelli
Published November 26, 2010 4:01PM (EST)
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart

Like any wonky father with a sense of humor, Jon Stewart is probably on media overload. The right gifts will help him balance learning, laughter and relaxation. Organization is key -- so if you really want to wow him, give him the gadgets with which to control his media arsenal.

  • Someone like Stewart can only consume so much about current events before every nightmare is about North Korea. The just-released "Autobiography of Mark Twain," held by the author's will until 100 years after his death, can provide a welcome reprieve from the world's madness. (Don't underestimate the punchy humor of this dead white guy.) At 743 pages -- and this is just the first volume! -- Twain's tales run the gamut and are available in a sturdy hardcover ($19.22) as well as an e-book ($9.99).
  • In order to keep the hardware safe, grab a Dodo Case's iPad cover ($59.95). It's as classy as they come, having been modeled after a traditionally bound book, featuring black faux leather and bamboo, camouflaging an e-reader as an old-fashioned journal. The Dodo has been called the "Rolls Royce of iPad cases" and the interior of the protective shell comes in 12 different colors.
  • Instead of wrestling with the deep, over-saturated abyss of cable TV, try the future: all the streamable video, music and podcasts you can imagine with a Boxee Box by D-Link ($199.99), a media addict's ultimate enabler. The box is a middleman, bringing Internet video to your television in a highly customizable manner courtesy of sites like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. Compatible with almost any form of digital file and linked with a social network, Boxee is the newest, easiest way to share, save, shuffle, discover and just get lost in music, movies, television and radio, all at once. Some call it a cable killer and all it takes is an Internet connection and a television. If your loved one deserves one of those, too, a Boxee and this Panasonic 32-Inch LCD HDTV ($344.77), complete with an iPod dock, would probably get along famously.

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