Betty White

Salon's Celebrity Gift Guide: Betty White

From comedy books to exercise shoes -- what to buy the feisty, unstoppable grandmother in your life

Joe Coscarelli
November 27, 2010 5:01AM (UTC)

Betty White is 88 years old, but don't tell her that. She's showing no sign of slowing down, and if anything, she's kicked it into a higher gear now that she knows not only what she wants, but how to get it. If she's strong-willed and not afraid to be a little raunchy -- and she never wants to get old -- indulge that adventurous grandma.

  • For the older folks in our lives, movement is important. Shoes like Skechers Shape-ups have a rounded bottom, designed to tone legs, strengthen the back and reduce pressure on knees and joints. The arm-thrusting power walk is a favorite of white-haired women everywhere, and stylish exercise shoes are a must-have accessory for the endless pursuit of youth.
  • Old people ache. The years of wear and tear, of birthing babies and manual labor and the occasional tackle football game, take a grim toll. For starters, spring for a SpaFinder gift certificate ($100) so they can find some blessed, if temporary relief. (Maybe spring for two or three.) Or, if you owe this old folk a lot -- like maybe your life -- consider investing in a more daily form of treatment with this state-of-the-art Sogno Dreamwave massage chair by Inada ($6,799). And if your Betty really just wants to kick back and remember her youth, uncork a 30-year-old Glenfiddich single malt. What better way to remember her wild 50s?

Joe Coscarelli

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