Salon's Celebrity Gift Guide: Justin Bieber

From a cool side satchel to a must-have flip camera -- what to buy your tech-crazy, music-loving teen

By Joe Coscarelli
Published November 28, 2010 7:01PM (EST)
Justin Beiber
Justin Beiber

The musically talented, girl-crazy teenager is honing his look and developing an interest in style. But it's his love of music that really gets him going: He dreams of taking over the entertainment world -- and never leaves the house without his headphones.

  • Backpacks are for children, but a guy like Bieber is always moving, so the solution is a stylish bag from Topman like the Dunlop Despatch Bag ($44). It's hipper than a messenger bag, still convenient and appropriately manly for a kid who aspires to toughness (but probably hasn't shaved yet). It's vintage enough to always be in and girls will be impressed so long as the little Bieber pretends Mommy didn't pick it out.
  • He's probably had an iPod since he could walk, so harnessing his interest in music should be easy. Give him a leg up on his digital peers with a Crosley Autorama record player and ensure his appreciation for old-school jams. This model includes a radio and built-in stereo speakers, so he can learn for himself that an MP3 just doesn't crackle in the same way.
  • If you trust your young one's more performative tendencies, a Flip MinoHD video camera ($199) might just make someone with Bieber's skills a star. With 8 GB and up to two hours of footage, the Flip can capture high-definition, easily downloadable clips of singing, dancing, skateboarding and so on, all without any batteries. As far as accessories go, a tripod ($9.88) will push his production values to a new level, and a special underwater case allows the thing to operate at the lake, the beach or the pool. Your teen, too, can be a YouTube sensation.

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