How to get completely off the grid

Slide show: Too much together time? We look at super remote locales, from ice roads in Russia to a Cambodian island

By Megan Cytron
Published November 28, 2010 7:01PM (EST)

What is a vacation? The word comes from the Latin verb "vacare," an etymology that hints at emptiness -- both physically vacating the premises and mentally clearing out the cluttered cupboards of your mind. The excesses of Thanksgiving -- the airport groping, delayed overpriced flights, comfort food orgies, cataclysmic shopping days, intense rekindling of familial feelings (for better or for worse) -- accomplish quite the opposite. It's no wonder that the aftermath of America's favorite long weekend inspires dreams of deserted islands, far-flung mountain villages, and quiet starry nights of contemplation.

Something to be thankful for: There are still countless places in the world that feel remote and removed. This weekend, they will be more vacant than ever. Some are closer than you might think, while reaching others requires time and dedication that few manage to muster. Enjoy these 17 escapist, off-the-grid spots. (Not sated? You can find plenty more on

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