Homeland Security deploys video to Walmarts

Janet Napolitano tells shoppers to inform police or a manager if they see suspicious activity in the parking lot

By Justin Elliott
December 10, 2010 4:16AM (UTC)
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Janet Napolitano

After the Obama Administration last month decided to scrap the color-coded terrorism threat level chart, you knew another easily mockable Orwellian security warning system couldn't be far off.

On cue, the Department of Homeland Security is rolling out a security video starring DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano that will be played on a constant loop at checkout counters at hundreds of Walmarts around the country.


Napolitano tells Walmart shoppers to inform the police or a Walmart manger if they see something suspicious "in the parking lot or in the store." This does appear to be a real thing:

The full DHS press release is here.

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