Amazon's U.K. site selling WikiLeaks documents

Cables self-published as Kindle e-book by author listed as Heinz Duthel, sold for $11.60

Published December 9, 2010 4:19PM (EST)

Diplomatic cables contained in WikiLeaks are available for sale on Amazon's U.K. website. It's a twist following the company's refusal to host the WikiLeaks' website.

The cables were self-published as a Kindle e-book by an author listed as Heinz Duthel. People in the U.K. can buy it for 7.37 pounds ($11.60).

WikiLeaks has embarrassed Washington in recent weeks for exposing a trove of sensitive diplomatic documents. WikiLeaks has been migrating around the world, using Internet companies in different countries to host the site. Last week, Inc. ousted it from its servers.

Last month, Amazon came under fire for selling a guide offering advice to pedophiles, which raised questions about how -- and if -- it vets the self-published books it sells.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a message.

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