Announcing Salon for Chrome

Now available via the Chrome Web Store, a whole new way to read Salon

Published December 10, 2010 11:01PM (EST)

Salon for Chrome
Salon for Chrome

As you’ve probably heard, Google announced its long anticipated Chrome Web Store this week. We were honored to be included in the event, where we demoed an alternate version of the site: Salon for Chrome. This is Salon for those who want the fastest possible access to everything we publish.

In Salon for Chrome, all of our stories are laid out in a neat grid that conforms to the height of your screen, in reverse-chronological order. You can swipe, scroll or arrow-key your way across days of content very quickly, or jump back day by day with the buttons in the upper right. Click on any story (or hit "enter") and it opens right there in the grid. Scroll or tap the spacebar to read it; swipe or use the arrow keys to keep browsing, or just hit the "n" key and the next story will instantly open. (For a full list of tips and shortcuts, click Help in the footer of the app.) It’s as fast as it is fluid.

As new stories publish, they are automatically added to the upper left corner of the grid -- no need to refresh the page. So you can simply leave the tab open in your browser and come back throughout the day to see what's been published.

For now, it's available to anyone using Google's Chrome browser, via a free download -- just look for us under News in the Chrome Web Store. (With versions for additional browsers coming soon.)

We hope you'll try it out and let us know what you think. If you like the app, please do take a moment to rate or review it in the Store, and be sure to tell your friends!

By Karen Templer

Karen Templer is the director of product development and design at Salon. Follow her on Twitter at

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