Counter-protesters to make "human buffer" at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral

They'll try to shield mourners from Westboro Baptist Church members staging their own protest

Published December 11, 2010 12:11AM (EST)

Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards, who died on Tuesday from cancer, will be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon, but it's not going be a totally peaceful affair.

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for their attendance at the funerals of dead soldiers, holding signs that read, "God Hates Fags," "God Hates Dead Soldiers," and "Thank God for Breast Cancer," plan to do the same outside of Edwards' funeral. Their gripe with Edwards? Her advocacy for gay rights and her propensity to "spew blasphemy." According to their website, she "split hell wide open on Dec. 7, 2010." The church also believes God smote Edwards by killing her 16-year-old son in a car accident and by giving her breast cancer. Yeah, these people exist.

Some concerned citizens/decent human beings aren't going to stand for this behavior, however. One Raleigh resident, Ben Requena, started a Facebook event asking people to gather outside the church where the service will be held to create a "human buffer," shielding the mourners from the WBC's hateful messages.

Another group, Line of Love, plans to have its members form a silent lineup around the block of the church to keep the protesters out of view of attendees. Line of Love has led a national effort against the church.

President Obama has no scheduled plans for tomorrow, leading many to speculate that he and the first lady will attend Edwards' funeral.

The WBC is currently on trial at the Supreme Court for alleged gay-bashing at a soldier's funeral.

In a display of why so many people admire her, Edwards smacks down Ann Coulter.

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