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Ignorable constitutional clauses, the return of Jesus, and the National Review's target audience

By Alex Pareene
Published January 5, 2011 5:01AM (UTC)
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  • "Hi, Jay: Thought you might like to know that my three-year-old niece put down her book Pinkalicious while I was babysitting her over the weekend and picked up my National Review and said, 'I wanna read this one.' Then she pointed to John Bolton on the cover and said, 'Why does he look like that?' I said, 'He has a very prominent mustache.' She then opened the magazine and said, 'I like this book, it’s funny.'"
  • There are 40 billboards in Nashville announcing that Jesus is coming back this May.
  • Felix Salmon on dealing with plutocrats: "When it comes to US plutocrats, however, most of them are very similar to the Russian oligarchs who seized their country's natural resources -- they're bankers and hedge-fund managers who seized their country's financial resources."
  • So one House Republican wants to make sure that the whole "explain how your bill is constitutional" thing won't involve the "general welfare clause" or the "necessary or proper clause," because conservatives hate the Constitution.

Alex Pareene

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