Steven Colbert takes author, professor and mother Amy Chua to task over her controversial new memoir.

"Tiger Mom" Amy Chua defends herself on The Colbert Report

"Can your kids, like, paint with their feet and be human drums and fly around stadiums and stuff?"

Adam Clark Estes
January 26, 2011 7:27PM (UTC)

The controversial author of "Battle Hymn for a Chinese Mother" made an appearance on the Colbert Report. Yale law professor and mother Amy Chua has taken heat since the release of her memoir, and as of late, is popularly known as the "Tiger Mom." When Colbert asks about the one misconception about the book, Chua answers: "It's not a parenting book… It's not a how-to."


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While Colbert jabs at Chua as often as he can, OpenSalon blogger Grace Hwang Lynch empathized with her in a recent post:

Readers were quick to express horror at Chua's means: One child's hand-made birthday card is rejected as "not good enough"; she calls one daughter "garbage."

Having read the book in its entirety now, I can say those acts are not the disturbing part to me. Some of my Asian American peers tell similar stories of immigrant tough-love. And to be honest, that straight-talking philosophy is something I value, and struggle with daily in raising my own young children.

Chua's book is in stores now, and with the mixed bag of publicity, we might expect a follow up in the near future.

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