The Super Bowl's most memorable ads

The biggest commercials from the biggest game

Published February 6, 2011 9:07AM (EST)

We've culled the most eye-catching commercials from this year's Super Bowl -- including some spots that went viral long before they hit the TV screen. Check them out below. 

Volkswagen: The viral superstar of the pre-Super Bowl hype. A small child tries to use the force on a car that fights back.

GroupOn awkwardly makes light of Tibetan plight, via Timmy Hutton.

Motorola punches Apple in the face. with some sassy, talking autos.

Eminem gets behind a sober (Chrysler) defense of Detroit.

Chevy with transformers meets Cloverfield.

It's become tradition: A homoerotic ad for junk food.

Not a favorite, just odd to see Pepsi attempt to find humor in emasculation, abuse.

When beer commercials eschew misogyny in favor of funny dogs, that's a net win.

By Ethan Sherwood Strauss

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