Egypt explained -- by little girls on YouTube

Nina and Juju know more about foreign affairs than most American adults, and they're basically toddlers

Published February 9, 2011 12:59PM (EST)

As the rest of the world media struggles to explain the situation in Egypt, Nina makes it simple. The exchange between a father and his daughter starts simple and ends adorable. He asks, "What's happening in Egypt?" She answers, "Fighting." Then, truncated a bit by hand gestures, it gets better. (The best part about this young girl's intellect is that she explained the situation to her mother in Japanese before switching to English and explaining it to her dad.)

 Another, more editorialized video, surfaced on YouTube just after the protests flared. Juju, a young Saudi girl, explained not only what was happening but also what she thought President Mubarak should do about it.


By Adam Clark Estes

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