Huffington Post fires back at Stephen Colbert with new site

After Colbert whined about Arianna reblogging his video of The Colbuffington Re-Post, HuffPost hijacks his site

Published February 18, 2011 2:51PM (EST)

On his show last night, Stephen Colbert recycled his announcement about starting his new business venture: a Colbert-branded version of the Huffington Post called the Colbuffington Re-Post. Pricetag? $316 billion. Naturally, he wanted just a million bucks more than AOL paid for the Arianna Huffington's popular news aggregation site.

Colbert followed up with a complaint that HuffPost yet again recycled his content by posting his video. And then things get really confusing:

If you were to click on the link to the Colbuffington Re-post re-re-post of the Huffington Post post about the re-post you would rip a hole in the blog-time continuum.

The Huffington Post fired back today by launching a carbon copy of Stephen Colbert's site, Colbert Nation. Name: Huffbert Nation. Price tag: $316 billion.

By Adam Clark Estes

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