Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin smiles as she is introduced during a public appearance at a Long Island Association (LIA) meeting and luncheon in Woodbury, N.Y. Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) (AP)

New book about Sarah Palin confirms what you know about Sarah Palin

The former Alaska governor is paranoid and obsessed with the media, according to a former aide

Alex Pareene
February 22, 2011 9:10PM (UTC)

People who worked with her have once again portrayed Sarah Palin as petty, vindictive, dim, hypersensitive to perceived slights, and obsessed with how the media portray her. Surprise! A book about Palin, written by former Palin aide Frank Bailey with the publisher of the Alaska blog Mudflats, has been leaked to the press, because publishers have not yet expressed interest in it (though I bet a good editor could whip the 450-page manuscript into shape). I'm sure this will help Palin recognize that her paranoia has become destructive and damaging to her reputation.

The fun parts of "In Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years" (woof) are, of course, the e-mails from Palin herself, who always comes off as everyone's worst BlackBerry-addicted boss. Here's what she wrote to her staff after an invitation to speak at a fundraising dinner was rescinded because she never confirmed her attendance (she is very bad at showing up to meetings or scheduled appearances on time, or at all):


"Yes, (Newt/GOP) are egotistical, narrow minded machine goons… but all the more reason God protected me from getting up on stage in front of 5000 political and media 'elites' to praise him, then it be shown across the nation." Palin wrote in the e-mail.

"At some point Newt would have shown his true colors anyway and we would have been devastated having known we'd earlier prostituted ourselves up in front of the country introducing him and acting like that good ol' rich white guy is the savior of the party," she continued.
"Plus, I had nothing to wear, and God knew that too. Party machinery sucks. I can't tell you how much I hate it - nothing ever changes - we went through it before and after the VP campaign," she wrote. "I’ve gone through it all my career. We just don't fit into it, and maybe we should thank God for that."

Sarah Palin also hates seatbelt and helmet laws.

The book accidentally features Palin's current personal e-mail address, which Wonkette used to find her Facebook page. She "likes" herself, and has 12 friends.

Alex Pareene

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