Jon Stewart struggles to understand GOP's Planned Parenthood cuts

GOP axes Planned Parenthood funding. Michele Bachmann thinks girls go to the mall for abortion. Stewart's confused

Published February 23, 2011 12:24PM (EST)

Jon Stewart does his best think think through the GOP's recent budget cutting measures for women's health and child services:

They want to cut everything from family care to prenatal care to child nutrition. It's like the Republican Congress is saying, "You can't prevent an unwanted child. You can't get care if you do get pregnant, and you can't get any help after the baby is born. But -- for those two minutes when the skull is crowning your baby is the most precious thing on Earth."

And then Michele Bachmann suggests the women stop off at express abortion centers in malls between doing some shopping and picking up Starbucks. Stewart reasons:

Some of them aren't even pregnant -- It's just so damn convenient. It's like Auntie Ann's pretzels. You're not planning on eating one. But it's right across from Abercrombie!

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By Adam Clark Estes

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