The Week In Uppers

Think the week was just about Gadhafi, Galliano and Charlie Sheen? Think again

By Peter Finocchiaro
Published March 6, 2011 5:28PM (EST)
The puppy, now named Wall-e, who survived two attempts euthanization shots.
The puppy, now named Wall-e, who survived two attempts euthanization shots.

Welcome to "The Week in Uppers," a new weekly feature where we'll share a collection of stories that might not have made national headlines, but might just make you smile.

  • A stray Oklahoma city puppy was euthanized two Friday's ago. On Saturday morning? Alive and well. (AP)
  • Daniel Kish once was blind but now can see. He did it by teaching himself echolocation. (Men's Journal)
  • A dad makes the best out of a job rejection letter by ripping it up to the delight of his baby (Yahoo):


  • A homeless man is reunited with his daughter this month using the power of Twitter. (Daily Mail)
  • Professional golfer Beth Allen donates a kidney to her older brother, who suffered severe kidney defects. (AOL)
  • When a Minnesota chef suffered a sudden, massive heart attack last week, 20 different people administered CPR for 96 minutes, keeping him alive. (CBS News
  • A Massachusetts woman who ran into a burning building made it out safely thanks to the heroics of a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter who ran into the blaze after her. (AOL)
  • Scientists are investigating a promising new course of genetic research to find a cure for AIDS. (AOL)
  • Justin Bieber's now-shorn signature locks helped raise more than $40,000 for charity on eBay. (BBC)
  • One enterprising Ohio man proposed to his girlfriend -- in a TV commercial (AP):

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