Your best take: The Russian brides next door

Ten years later, one reader is still happily married to his Russian bride

By Salon Staff
Published March 8, 2011 8:46PM (EST)

Katerina Brunot's experience, retold on Salon by Shonna Milliken Humphrey as part of her piece on the still-thriving Russian mail-order bridal industry, is a horror story. Tom Seaview's marriage to a Russian woman is much closer to the fairy tale.

Subservient Russian women? Where?

My Russian bride and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.

I didn't meet her through a broker: my co-worker went to Russia to meet the woman he had found online, and I went with him... and fell for & married her translator. (They are happily married as well).

My wife has a law degree, and is much like the other Russian women I know in many ways. She is very feminine, but she is not the least bit subservient. She is smart, well-educated, extremely capable, and as tough as nails.

She can turn a few square feet of ground, some seeds, and some water into a steady supply of fresh herbs and vegetables. She can stretch a dollar half a mile. She can also part your hair with a .357 Magnum, and she would do exactly that to any man who tried to abuse her.

I am not intimidated by any this... and that's why I married her.

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