Sarah Palin now also mad at India's lamestream media

On one of her rare overseas trips, the former governor shuts out the press, as usual

By Alex Pareene
March 18, 2011 9:45PM (UTC)
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Former Alaska Gov, Sarah Palin answers questions during a public appearance at Long Island (LIA) Association Meeting and Luncheon in Woodbury, N.Y. Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) (AP)

While her upcoming trip to Israel has been attracting more attention, because of the supposed 2012 implications, Sarah Palin is at the moment in India. She was invited to give the keynote at the India Today Conclave, an honor that's previously been extended to influential and powerful people who've actually contributed something to the world beyond gormless ressentiment, like Benazir Bhutto and Al Gore and former Pakistan strongman Pervez Musharraf.


Palin and her husband, Todd, are traveling alone. There's been very little press attention. But India Reloaded TV was, for a time, reporting on Palin's activities in India. Yesterday, Palin checked into her hotel and then went to a high-end shopping mall. According to IRTV, nothing in the mall costs less than $500. Palin liked a jacket, but the fit wasn't right, so she did not buy it. She returned to her hotel.

Apparently that report did not go over well with the Palin camp! Because on day two of the trip, they instituted a complete media blackout on Palin's activities.

It appears that our coverage from yesterday has been a source of great consternation in the Palin camp -- which was not the intended result of our reportage. Since last evening there has been a virtual blackout of all information about her movements.

IRTV would want Ms. Palin to enjoy India to its fullest and would like her to know that we wish her well. And since we have established that someone from their team is actually viewing this blog, as no other media outlet is covering Ms.Palin (they are, it appears, not interested), we are confident that this message will get passed on to her.

In addition to the shopping trip, IRTV had also reported that some people at India Today weren't happy with the selection of Palin as a keynote speaker, on account of her being a no-account failed former politician with a shrinking base of support and a mostly illusory influence on American affairs. But following her speech, there will be a Q&A, which might be entertaining.


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