Anti-bullying YouTube star gives first interview

Casey Heynes grabbed the world's attention when he fought back against a bully. Now he's telling his story

By Peter Finocchiaro
Published March 20, 2011 8:42PM (EDT)

Australian high schooler Casey Heynes catapulted to the upper reaches of Internet celebrity last week when video of him fighting back against a would-be tormenter hit YouTube. Since the video caught fire, the 15-year-old has become of a voice for the voiceless and the poster child for anti-bullying movements the world over.

Now, Heynes has given a heart-rending first interview to Australian television program "A Current Affair." He describes the loneliness he suffered through years of bullying, something that even left him briefly contemplating suicide. And while he acknowledges that the other boy could've been hurt in the scuffle, he defended his actions, saying he wanted the abuse "just to stop."

Peter Finocchiaro

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