The 10 most hilarious right-wing nicknames for Obama

The comments section of Sarah Palin's Facebook page is littered with angry -- and unintentionally funny -- puns

Published April 2, 2011 2:01PM (EDT)

Skimming through the comments section of Sarah Palin's most recent Facebook note earlier this week, we were struck not so much by the hostility toward President Obama, but by the strained attempts to twist his name into some kind of an insult: "Nobama," "Obomba," "La Bamba" and so on.  Other commenters skipped the puns and crafted their own nicknames for their president. We then checked Mike Huckabee's page and found the same phenomenon at work. So we decided to compile our favorites: 

10. Obummer - Dave McArdle, from Nashville, Tenn.

9. Obonehead - Timothy Ditter, from Little Elm, Texas

8. Obeyme - David Burkhardt, location unavailable

7. Lyer in Chief - Jimmy Douglas, from Lubbock, Texas

6. Golfer-in-Chief - Jim Schroud, from Sun Prarie, Wis.

5. King of Teleprompters - Nelinda Fleming, location unavailable

4. Barry the weak - Don Barnhill, location unavailable

3. One Big A*# Mistake America - Elizabeth Mushill, from Bethalto, Ill.

2. Obama 2012!!! Muslim Reign is Christian Pain! - Thomas Dado, from Ventura, Calif.

And finally,

1. Enuich(sic)-in-Chief - Charles Harry Sharrard, location unavailable

By Justin Spees

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