Charlie Crist is very sorry, David Byrne

The former Florida governor issues a public apology to the musician after using a Talking Heads song in an ad

By Alex Pareene

Published April 12, 2011 3:50PM (EDT)

Charlie Crist
Charlie Crist

Here is Charlie Crist, being held hostage by lawyers, apologizing profusely to legendary musician and bicycle enthusiast David Byrne. Look at his sad, dead eyes:

While he was running for U.S. Senate, Crist used the Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" in a campaign ad, but he neglected to actually seek permission. Byrne sued him, and this, apparently, was part of the settlement.

Not long ago, Crist was a superstar governor and rising star in the Republican Party. Then the "Tea Parties" happened, Crist was forced out of the party, and he lost what should've been an easy Senate race to upstart Marco Rubio.

Oh, look, Mr. Byrne has already posted his gracious acceptance of this apology:

Alex Pareene

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