Politico helpfully illustrates depressing absurdity of current news cycle

The most depressing collection of overhyped non-stories since yesterday's Politico

By Alex Pareene
April 19, 2011 2:45AM (UTC)
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A sideshow of contemporary horrors masquerading as political news

Wow, the front page of POLITICO.com right now is an actual nightmare.

Trump! Palin! More Trump and more Palin! Mama Grizzly back on the prowl! Gary Busey: I'm voting for Trump! Does Sarah Palin redesigning her website mean she's running for president after all? I mean, it's possible, right? And even if she isn't, "Sarah Palin redesigned her website" certainly comes closer to resembling "news" than "Palin is determined to be noticed." (Mission accomplished!)


And this is not even including the sidebar link to "VIDEO: Obama: I wore 23 before Jordan."

Alex Pareene

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