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Forget Donald Trump. Real inspiration can be found in cute pets, Giffords' recovery and a 70-year-old's Bar Mitzvah

By Peter Finocchiaro
April 24, 2011 7:50PM (UTC)
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Holocaust survivor Morris Glass is finally celebrating his Bar Mitzvah with four generations of family.

Though most of us were distracted by the never-ending provocations of Donald Trump and his bewildering coiffe, he wasn't the only one making headlines this week. Check out these heartwarming news items that didn't involve neonatal conspiracies.

  • Morris Glass was living in a Nazi-controlled ghetto in Poland when he turned 13, and thus never had a Bar Mitzvah. Now, 70 years later, Glass has finally celebrated the Jewish rite of passage with four generations of his family. (CNN)

  • Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords continues her incredible recovery and is now able to stand on her own and walk short distances. (AP)
  • Glendale, Arizona's Discount Cab service is a green enterprise with over 350 hybrid vehicles. The company celebrated Earth Day this year by donating $1 from each fare to Homeward Bound, a non-profit that caters to families dealing with homelessness and domestic violence. (AOL News)
  • It's high noon on the kitchen floor, where a baby and his pet dog battle for supremacy over a bowl of food. (BuzzFeed)

  • The Colorado Egg Producers Association has donated 300,000 eggs to four major food banks this Easter. (AOL News)
  • High school janitor and track coach Tyrone Curry struck gold with a winning, $3.4-million lottery ticket five years ago. Now he's giving back to his school with a $40,000 donation to build a new track. (NBC News)
  • What's more precious than rabbits decked out in Easter-themed costumes? Nothing, that's what. (The Daily Beast)
  • Actor Hugh Jackman is spearheading a new effort to raise awareness about global poverty by encouraging people to live on $1.50 a day for five days. (AP)
  • It's spring and love is in the air -- especially for one German swan, smitten with a blue tractor. Odd, or oddly charming? (CBS News)


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