Stewart disgusted by Weiner's dirty emails

Comedian reacts to the revelation that his friend talked about watching "The Daily Show" with sexting partner

Published June 9, 2011 12:40PM (EDT)

Jon Stewart on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."
Jon Stewart on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."

So far, Jon Stewart has handled his friend Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal relatively carefully. It's difficult ground for him, of course, since -- as he's now said repeatedly -- he's torn over whether he should cover the issue as a comedian or as a friend.

Last night, his comedian side took over; it seems he could hardly resist responding to the revelation that, in the course of his sexually charged correspondence with a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, Rep. Weiner mentioned "The Daily Show" repeatedly -- even suggesting, at one point, that he and his pen pal could have sex while watching it. Stewart appears flabbergasted by this news, and can't help wondering aloud: "Is this what you people are doing at home when our show is on?!"

By Emma Mustich

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