Birthers: You know who else wasn't eligible for the presidency? Hitler!

World Net Daily finally asks to see der Fuhrer's birth certificate

Published June 24, 2011 8:15PM (EDT)

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Farah
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah, founder of WorldNetDaily, the Internet's dumbest news organization, has posted a very compelling and serious editorial today at his silly website of nonsense and post-apocalyptic seed advertisements. To sum it up: Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because Hitler.

The American political and media elite have determined, for whatever reason, that the Constitution's eligibility requirements for the presidency are not important.

That is the only conclusion one can draw from the misinformation, disinformation and disinterest they have shown to the serious questions swirling around not only the unique case of Barack Obama but also to the definition of "natural born citizen" in future presidential elections.

It's not unprecedented that failing republics dumb down eligibility requirements for the presidency. It's not unprecedented that failing republics ignore or obscure eligibility requirements for the presidency. It's not unprecedented that failing republics make tragic mistakes in permitting non-qualified candidates to serve in the presidency.

It happened in 1932 in Germany with a candidate named Adolf Hitler.

"Failing republics"! Why does Joseph Farah not believe in American exceptionalism?

Also, I know this is entirely beside the point, but: Hitler wasn't ever elected president. He was appointed chancellor by German President Paul von Hindenburg. (The "loophole" that allowed Hitler to assume that office was that he legally obtained German citizenship.) When Hindenburg died, Hitler left the presidency vacant and (illegally) assumed the power of the office, but not the title. In other words: Hitler, who was legally eligible to be the president of Germany, was never the president of Germany.

Joseph Farah can't even competently compare Obama to Hitler. This is basic wingnut stuff!

By Alex Pareene

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