Finding inspiration in rainbows

From Brazilian murals to London's Rainbow House, we look at eye-catching designs that celebrate the color spectrum

Published June 29, 2011 12:20AM (EDT)

A painting project by Haas & Hahn
A painting project by Haas & Hahn

I recently had a client who was going to let me have a "free for all" with rainbows in her boutique. It is not often someone trusts a crazy artist to have a color freak-out, imagine my delight! Unfortunately they backed out, but not before I had done a ton of research for inspiration so now you get to reap the benefits.

I had been thinking of doing something like this in the ceiling. Most likely it will end up in my house, or stay in my mind until I live in a castle.

Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe creates huge three-dimensional art installations using Gütermann thread.

Paying tribute to the rich and colorful art of his country, Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe creates huge three-dimensional art installations using Gütermann thread. Carefully connecting different colors together, he weaves multiple threads onto wooden frames creating a semi-transparent geometric rainbow. For more about Gabriel, check out his website at

Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe creates huge three-dimensional art installations using Gütermann thread.

One of many painting projects by Haas & Hahn

Haas & Hahn is the working title of artistic duo Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. They started working together in 2005, when they filmed a documentary about hip-hop in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo for MTV. Inspired by this visit, they embarked on a journey to bring outrageous works of art to unexpected places, starting with painting enormous murals in the slums of Brazil together with the local youth.

The initial idea of the Favela Painting project has always been to paint an entire hillside favela in the center of Rio, visible to all inhabitants and visitors.

As the Portuguese translation for "the hill," o morro is also used as a synonym for slum or favela; we chose to use this name for the third stage of the Favela Painting project.

Haas & Hahn

Retro Futurism by Sakke Soini

This piece (above) inspired the first round of logos I did for Light Rail Studios. I did the website too, might as well check it! The logo has since evolved into something else but man am I a sucker for anything sci fi looking or sounding.

Light Rail poster

First poster for Light Rail Studios 2011 by Antlre Creative Inc.

Sarah from sent me this image of a rainbow spiral staircase, which I quickly went berserk with and was thrilled at my findings.

Staircase in The Rainbow House - by Ab Rodgers (London)

Ab Rogers Design -- in collaboration with DA.Studio -- created the Rainbow House, a living piece of art. This funhouse-meets-home is situated on a busy street, so when you enter it offers a magical escape from the hustle of reality.

Highlights include a rotating circular bed in the master bedroom, centralized rainbow spiral staircase spotlighted by a skylight, trap door to a slide that brings you down into the living room, and an oversized 26" x 40" piazza living area.

Watch the video!


Colorful stripes by Gene Davis.

Lastly I will leave you with the outfit I have been wearing to write this entry on this killer sunny day in San Francisco.

Hannah Sitzer

Hannah Sitzer's daily outfit planner June 14th, 2011

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