New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announces his resignation at his office in New York March 12, 2008. Spitzer resigned on Wednesday amid a scandal over a $1,000-an-hour prostitute, cutting short a career built on pugnacious investigations of Wall Street crimes. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES) (Reuters)

CNN cancels Eliot Spitzer

The former governor's low-rated show gets axed from the last of the "objective" cable news channels

Alex Pareene
July 6, 2011 10:30PM (UTC)

Poor Eliot Spitzer has been canceled! The former governor of New York had a show with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, because CNN was constitutionally unable to give a male Democrat a show without pairing him with a female Republican. But Spitzer basically dominated Parker, because he's a shouty megalomaniac, and Parker eventually left the show, leaving CNN with something resembling an actual hour of liberal opinion programming, which is anathema to their "brand." So he's out.

8 p.m. now goes to Anderson Cooper. Also getting a show is Erin Burnett, a former CNBC personality and make-believe "adviser" to moron birther Donald Trump on his television show "The Apprentice." She is fine, I guess, despite being the longtime public face of the horrible cable channel that represents the destructive interests of the useless bloated financial sector. Better than Piers Morgan, who is not canceled, despite being awful.


CNN claims Spitzer will still be on the cable news network but Spitzer is apparently looking for work at other networks, according to TV Newser.

Also still not fired from CNN: Wolf Blitzer, the dumbest man on television.

Alex Pareene

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