A leading design magazine is back

In 2009, I.D. shut its doors after more than 50 years in print. Now it's being revived online

By Aaron Kenedi
Published July 14, 2011 1:01AM (EDT)

The Audi One concept car

The Audi One concept car, designed by Jason Battersby, Transportation Design Masters Programme, Umea Institute of Design 2010. Image courtesy of the Behance network.

Anyone who lamented the passing of I.D., one of the great industrial design magazines of our time, might be heartened to know that it's back. Sort of. When F+W Media (also owners of Print and HOW magazines) nixed the print publication two years ago, there was such an outcry of shock and disappointment by the design community that the company decided to rethink the I.D. brand. Last week it was reintroduced as a website that showcases the best in product and industrial design being created today.

Designed and powered by Behance, the new site features user-submitted designs from the Behance network that are carefully curated to offer viewers a wide range of innovative work and the artists behind it.

"Many people mourned the loss of I.D. when the print magazine closed, and many of these fans asked us to bring I.D. back, online," said Gary Lynch, publisher and community leader for the design group at F+W Media. "We've considered several ways to accomplish that, but we wanted to do it right, in a way that would do justice to the legacy of the brand. Finding the right partner with an equally strong commitment to the design community was a key objective. For their complementary reach, influence and impact, Behance is the optimum partner. We couldn't be more excited to kick off this new era for I.D. with them."

Behance was equally eager to be part of the collaboration to revive I.D. "Our team is thrilled to leverage Behance's technology to power this new showcase and provide more exposure to the world's top talent in the areas of industrial and product design," said Scott Belsky, founder and CEO of Behance.

From 1954 to 2009, I.D. served as one of America's leading critical magazines covering the art, business and culture of design, garnering a passionate following and multiple National Magazine Awards.

ID redesign

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