"Breaking Bad's" 10 best moments

Slide show: As the AMC show kicks off its fourth season, we look at the series' most powerful and unnerving scenes

By Matt Zoller Seitz
Published July 15, 2011 11:30PM (EDT)

I spend a lot of time talking about TV with friends. I've noticed that in discussions of "Breaking Bad," maybe more than any other current drama, the sentences tend to start with phrases like, "And what about that moment where ..." Walter White's troubling journey from cancer-stricken schoolteacher to feared crystal meth dealer on "Breaking Bad" is one of the most remarkable tales in the still-young history of cable drama, and more so than on most series, that journey is expressed in a series of perfectly shaped, unnervingly powerful moments.

Here are my 10 favorite "Breaking Bad" moments. Please add yours in the Letters section.

Spoiler alert. This slide show discusses the first three seasons of "Breaking Bad" in considerable detail, and the Letters thread is likely to be even more in-depth. Do not read this slide show unless you 1) have seen all three seasons or 2) don't care about spoilers.

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