Former Nixon aide explains Murdoch fiasco

John Dean, once involved in Watergate, tells Olbermann phone hacking in "phase two" of a scandal

By Natasha Lennard
Published July 19, 2011 12:20PM (EDT)
John Dean, former Nixon White House counsel
John Dean, former Nixon White House counsel

On Monday night Keith Olbermann spoke to Countdown contributor and former Nixon White House counsel, John Dean to preview Rupert Murdoch's testimony before the British parliament Tuesday over the News International phone hacking scandal. Dean told Olbermann that British parliamentary inquiries are "much more disciplined" than their U.S. congressional equivalent -- with witnesses kept on a tight leash from filibustering -- and that Murdoch will face tough questioning.

Dean said that in the "technical parlance" of scandals "we're in a phase two... A real scandal," but that it is still early days. And Dean knows a thing or two about high profile scandal; the FBI once referred to him as the "master manipulator of the [Watergate] cover up" (for which he spent four months in jail and aided the prosecution in exchange for a reduced sentence).

Watch Dean and Olbermann discuss Murdoch's fate as well as actor Jude Law's options in a civil suit in the United States against News International for phone hacking and the FBI investigation into 9/11 families having reportedly been hacked, via Current TV:

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