Flashback: Bachmann attacked "Big Love" for "normalizing polygamy"

In newly unearthed 2006 interview, she also feared "lesbianism" would be taught in our schools

By Justin Elliott
Published July 21, 2011 2:14PM (EDT)
Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

Here's the latest evidence that the issue that has animated Michele Bachmann's political career as much as any other is marriage -- and not letting gay people have access to it.

Via National Journal, the liberal group American Bridge dug up a 2006 interview with then-state legislator Bachmann on the question of gay marriage.

Asked why opening up marriage to gay people would threaten Minnesotans, Bachmann responds: "Schools will then be teaching that homosexuality, or lesbianism, or same-sex marriage, or group marriage, or polygamy is normal, natural and maybe kids should try it."

She also goes after "Big Love," HBO's serial drama about a polygamous Mormon family in Utah, for "normalizing polygamy."


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