John Boehner's "two-step" debt ceiling plan has at least five steps

Fun with GOP counting!

Published July 25, 2011 9:15PM (EDT)

Seriously, how many "steps" do you count here?
Seriously, how many "steps" do you count here?

Speaker of the House John Boehner has prepared a two-step approach to solving this "debt ceiling" crisis once and for all, and he unveiled his two-step plan with this fancy document that lists, on its first page, five separate bullet points, each of which entails multiple actions that some people would consider "steps."

This isn't just me, right? If you have a big professional-looking document that says "TWO-STEP APPROACH" at the top, there should just be two steps listed, right? Who will hold John Boehner accountable for his crimes against numbers?

[Yes, this is all I have to say about the horrible nightmare that is the debt ceiling argument and America's forthcoming "The Road"-style age of "austerity." Go read Andrew Leonard if you want insightful and substantive and "actually knows what he's talking about" commentary!]

By Alex Pareene

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