Olbermann: What's behind Beck's "Hitler Youth" comment?

The Current TV host discusses hateful conservative reactions to the Norway terror attacks

Published July 27, 2011 11:28AM (EDT)

Keith Olbermann (left) and Democratic strategist and columnist, Karl Frisch
Keith Olbermann (left) and Democratic strategist and columnist, Karl Frisch

In a move a Norwegian official called a "new low" for Glenn Beck, the firebrand talk show host compared the shooting victims of the Norway youth camp to the "Hitler Youth" on his Monday show.

Speaking with Democratic strategist and syndicated columnist Karl Frisch, Keith Olbermann on Tuesday asked what was behind Beck's comment: "Is this ignorance? Is he obtuse? Is he insane?"

Frisch noted that the youth camp -- organized by Norway's ruling Labor party -- where Anders Behring Breivik murdered 68 people actually seemed more reminiscent of the YMCA camps scattered around America.

Olbermann went on to criticize Bill O'Reilly's troubling analysis that Breivik -- a self-identifying Christian -- could not really be a Christian because Christians do not commit acts of terror (the preserve, in some conservative eyes, of Muslims).

"There is no logic. You will never hear the words 'respected theologian' and 'Bill O'Reilly' in any other sentence than the one I just said," Frisch noted.

Watch the clip below:


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