Stewart: I thought we already took care of this...

"The Daily Show" host shares outrage that the 9/11 responders health care bill won't cover cancer

By Natasha Lennard
Published July 29, 2011 12:30PM (EDT)

Late last year, Jon Stewart unabashedly put activism above comedy in his support of the Zadroga bill -- the health care bill that provides medical treatment for 9/11 first responders.

The bill passed, but Stewart still has reason for outrage. It was announced Tuesday that the compensation fund will not cover the costs of cancer treatment.

Administrators say that there are inadequate "published scientific and medical findings" that a causal link exists between 9/11 exposures and the occurrence of cancer in responders and survivors. A number of medical experts have argued otherwise.

"I thought we already took care of this sh*t," said Stewart on Thursday night, astounded that the fund covers coughing, laryngitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome -- but not cancer -- "The one disease you seem to disproportionately be getting."

Watch the clip below:

Natasha Lennard

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