The intersection of food, design and politics

A look at how a group of radical thinkers in '60s San Francisco used food as part of their art and message

By August Heffner

Published August 1, 2011 2:01AM (EDT)

Free City posters

Here in Brooklyn, we've seemed to hit an apex of food enthusiasm. Its seems like every weekend this summer a new food-related event happens and every weekend my wallet is emptied by $20 lobster rolls or an even more expensive indulgence.

Happily though, the food movement of today is part of a nice history of food appreciation and reaction to the food industry with roots in a freer (read cheaper!) group of ideas.

Above and below are some samples from The Diggers Archive, a group of radical thinkers from 1960s San Francisco that used food (free healthy food!) as part of their art and political message. These pieces are from their newspaper FREE CITY NEWS, that showcased some pretty cool hippie graphic design.

Sadly, things like access to education and healthy food still seem financially out of reach even in our very enlightened urban environments. Happily, new groups are forming every day to challenge these economies including free classes and inexpensive meals that support art (full disclosure/shameless plug: I'm involved in one of these groups and we are cooking up some delicious food soon, pay-as-you-wish!)

Free street poster Free City posters Free City posters

All images courtesy of the Digger Archives

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