In Turkey, even the pigeons are good at parkour.

Today's must-see viral videos

Watch: Improv Everywhere strikes again, an orangutan cools off and Ryan Gosling appears to stop a street fight

Emma Mustich
August 23, 2011 1:10AM (UTC)

1. Ryan Gosling, crime fighter?

The actor (or his doppelgänger) helped stop a fight in the middle of a busy New York intersection last week:

2. This orangutan is serious about cleanliness.

Watch as it wipes its face, hands -- and the surrounding area -- with a blue-and-white washcloth:


3. Improv Everywhere and the Guggenheim Museum partner to make New Yorkers smile.

The "Human Mirror" was cooler, but this is still nice:

4. Exquisitely animated "bloopers" from the upcoming "Lion King 3-D":

5. This artsy Red Bull commercial about the superhuman physical exertion called parkour is really just an excuse for us to direct you to another, funnier "free running" clip:


Emma Mustich

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