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Jon Stewart on the Wall Street pepper-spray attack

"The Daily Show" looks at the mace-wielding police officer who finally grabbed media attention for the NY protests

Peter Finocchiaro
September 30, 2011 4:31PM (UTC)

On "The Daily Show" last night, Jon Stewart took a look at the Occupy Wall Street protests that have swamped lower Manhattan for nearly two weeks. "Alright, I guess that is what democracy looks like, although, to be fair, it's also what Bonnaroo looks like," Stewart noted. All that changed, though, when a New York police officer pepper-sprayed what appeared to be a peaceful woman while the camera's were rolling earlier this week. Now all eyes are affixed on New York's Financial District, and on the cop in question -- veteran officer Anthony Bologna (a.k.a. Tony Bologna).

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Democracy on the Lurch - Wall Street Pepper Spray Incident
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