Occupy Wall Street: the family-friendly protest

The movement continues to defy expectations, this time with a daycare center

Published October 10, 2011 10:30PM (EDT)

     (Salon/Justin Elliott)
(Salon/Justin Elliott)

Some segments of the media remian fixated on the idea that Occupy Wall Street is made up entirely of hippies and dreadlocked anarchist types. In reality, the group here has always been more diverse than that, and the range of people participating seems to be broadening by the day.

Liberty Square now has, for example, a designated play area to allow parents of young children to come and show their support.

Kate Fermoile of Brooklyn came with her 13-month old, Lucy, to bring some supplies and join the movement.

"I've been wondering when somthing like this was going to happen," she says.

Lucy was taking advantage of the crayons and face paint  spread out on tarps on the ground in the play area.

"She certainly doesn't understand what's going on," says Fermoile. "But it's something we'll be able to tell her about when she learns about it in school later on."

Someone even set up a website, parentsforoccupywallst.com. Its slogan: "creating change now for our children's future."

The group is planning a sleepover at the park for parents and children Frday night.

By Justin Elliott

Justin Elliott is a reporter for ProPublica. You can follow him on Twitter @ElliottJustin

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