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Published October 12, 2011 8:00PM (EDT)

      (<a href="">Lew Lorton</a>/<a href="">Harry Homeless</a>/<a href="">Linda Seccaspina</a>/Lew Lorton)
(Lew Lorton/Harry Homeless/Linda Seccaspina/Lew Lorton)

These photos originally appeared in Open Salon blog posts by Harry Homeless, Linda Seccaspina and Lew Lorton.

Open Salon bloggers have been documenting the Occupy Wall Street movement across the country. Here, we've collected our favorite photos from the Dallas, Oakland, San Francisco and D.C. protests.

Attend an OWS protest? Blog about it on Open Salon. As the demonstrations continue, we'll feature more posts and images from Open Salon bloggers to complement our nationwide coverage of the events.

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