Clinton to protesters: Get some goals

The former president tells Letterman that Occupy Wall Street needs to become more focused

By Peter Finocchiaro
Published October 13, 2011 1:16PM (EDT)

Add Bill Clinton to the long list of public figures who support Occupy Wall Street in principle, but insists they need specific goals in order to achieve anything. The former president was on "Letterman" last night, discussing the conditions of anxiety and frustration that spurred the nationwide protests. After issuing a critical appraisal of the movement, he voicing cautious optimism about the potential for change:

I think that, on balance, this could be a positive thing. But they're going to have to transfer their energies at some point to making some specific suggestions or bringing in people who know more to try to put the country back to work.

(h/t The Daily Beast)

Peter Finocchiaro

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