Out of touch! The cluelessness of the 1 percent

These big spenders and luxury dealers just don\'t get it. Help us call out their crazy-spending ways

By Emma Mustich
Published October 29, 2011 1:00PM (EDT)
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Do you have $1,000,000 to drop on a "his & hers" fountain from the outrageous Neiman Marcus Christmas Book? Would you spend $19,000 to tie your shoes with laces of pure gold? Is there a $6,390 toilet in your future? Then this feature is not for you.

As millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet -- navigating an impossible job market and attempting to provide for themselves and their families despite a still-weak economy -- some big spenders (and luxury dealers) are hopelessly out of touch. With your help, we want to start calling them out.

The following slide show highlights nine examples of extravagant purchases or over-the-top marketing that we've noticed over the past few weeks. We're going to continue shaming these examples of embarrassingly conspicuous consumption -- and want you to lend us a hand! If you notice a great example, send your tips to outoftouch@salon.com.

Emma Mustich

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