Why the 1% are too big to jail

Glenn Greenwald in conversation with David Talbot

Published November 3, 2011 11:40PM (EDT)

 Salon's Glenn Greenwald               (Fora.TV)
Salon's Glenn Greenwald (Fora.TV)

Last night in San Francisco I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Greenwald in person for the first time and interviewing him about our ailing democracy, the occupy movement and the "too big to jail" phenomenon. (Glenn's new book, "With Liberty and Justice for Some" has just been published.) The room was packed with Glenn's fans, and he lit the place up with his razor-sharp responses to my questions — as anyone who reads his column would expect. In the clip above, he's answering my question about the servitude of our media to the nation's elite class.

Fora.TV was there filming for us, and the whole interview is now available online.

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By David Talbot

David Talbot, the founder of Salon, is the author of New York Times bestsellers like "Brothers," "The Devil's Chessboard," and "Season of the Witch." His most recent book is "Between Heaven and Hell: The Story of My Stroke."

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