Our 2011 time capsule

Dear 2011: We come not just to honor but also to bury you. Here's how

By Salon Staff

Published December 28, 2011 12:00PM (EST)


When you look back on 2011, what will you remember? Occupy Wall Street? The death of Osama bin Laden? The freak hurricane that knocked out power in much of the Northeast?

Salon writers and editors have selected 14 items from the past year -- from protest posters and impromptu Steve Jobs memorials to the now-famous photo of Obama and his team in the Situation Room on May 1 -- that scream out "2011." They're things we're sure future generations will recall when they reminisce about this year of revolution, political debate and Ryan Gosling Internet memes. (We've even hipstamatic-ized them, like good 2011 smartphone users.)

Click through our choices in the following slide show, and let us know what you'd include in your own time capsule in the comments below.


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